Monday, July 6, 2009


It seemed to rain at the best times this past holiday weekend. Friday was all about yard work. Mom and Dad were here and they help us with our, practically hopeless, landscaping. Who would have thought planting four bushes and a tree hours? Well it did, but it started to rain as soon as we finished, which is always a good thing for new plantings.

While we were digging Logan was entertaining himself with a tiny toad. He seriously fell in love with this toad! It was about the size of a quarter (maybe slightly bigger, but not much) and he loved on it. Stroking it's tiny back, kissing it (I know, gross), holding it by one little leg. Grandma finally had the idea to put it in a bucket with some water and a few rocks. It got it out of Logan's "loving" hands, but not for long. Every time the toad jumped (not high , remember this thing is itty-bitty), swam, or blinked, Logan had to pick up the toad and bring it to me to tell me if it's adventure. He even thought it was a good idea to put a rock on top of it (the toad was "hiding"). I finally had to let the toad "go find it's momma" when it was floating upside down in the bucket. Let not your heart be troubled though, toady was fine. I let him go into a brush pile and he hopped away as fast as his little legs could carry him. Logan was not as happy. He bawled his eyes out.

After some napping and a Lowe's, Walmart and Auto Zone run, we finished off the day with home-made fried chicken. Yum! It amazes me that people still fry their own chicken! lol