Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sick or not?

A few weeks ago Logan had a nasty virus. He had a high fever and complained that his knees and feet hurt. I took him into the doctor and he had a low white blood count that indicated a virus, but other than the fever and the body aches, he had no other symptoms. 

Fast forward a few weeks: Dad is deployed and Logan is having obvious separation issues, but seems to be handling thing well, considering he is a sensitive soul (aka: crybaby, wienie, pansy). 

The issue has been, even before my husband left, that he is complaining on a daily basis that he doesn't "feel well" and he generally says his stomach hurts. When there is something he doesn't want to eat, he can't because he doesn't "feel well". When he needs to wash his hair, he can't because he doesn't "feel well". You get the picture. That seems to be his excuse for everything and in those moments, I call BS. 

Here is the catch: In the past few days he has twice been running and suddenly started crying because his knee hurts. He doesn't seem to have fallen or hit anything either. He says it just hurts. Again with the stomach, it his biggest complaint/excuse, but he's had significant diarrhea at least twice in the past few weeks. Once at the same time as Hunter and I think it was something they may have eaten. 

So my dilemma is, do I take him to the doctor? And if so for what? 

Part of me thinks this is stress, but he had sneaky strep throat that manifested itself as a stomach ache just late last year. I waited over a week before I finally took him in and only did so because Hunter had a fever and cold symptoms. I am also concerned about his knee complaint, but he could very well just be saying that for attention. 

I hate to see my little boy in real or imagined pain.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

On my own

I have been slacking in the blogging arena in anticipation of my husband's deployment....which is today. Yes, my darling is leaving me for a few months as he travels to the danger zone known as Guam. Life just isn't fair. Fair to me, that is.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

3 is enough

My baby is 4 today!

I thought he would be happier about it.
He tells me he wants to stay 3.
He likes 3.
3 is good enough.