Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mommy Drama

That past few days have been like a page out of the paranoid  pregnant woman handbook. A few days ago, my previously active baby went strangely silent. I have had a burst of seasonal allergies that I could not get under control and had been trying some decongestants. When activity went down, I reevaluated the medication I had been taking. Apparently, I confused Sudafed PE with plain ole, awesome for cooking Meth, Sudafed and after consulting Dr Google, I realized that the Sudafed PE could actually be dangerous for my baby. As in cutting off blood supply to the uterus, dangerous. (On a side note, at one point I was taking Sudafed PE almost daily when pregnant with Hunter and he's (mostly) fine). I ran to Wal-Greens to get the good stuff and felt some contractions and good movements last night. I convinced myself that I was just being paranoid, but have been paying special attention to every bump and pang.

In order to reassure myself I drank a fully caffeinated, extra large coffee this morning.
I take that back.
Two words: liquid laxative.
But no baby movement.
So I drank some water.
Orange juice and cheerios w/ banana.
Still, nothing.
Was that something?
Maybe a little lick.
The problem is, I am used to significant movement.

Mean while, I am a pretty easy going pregnant lady. I don't freak myself out much, but the stories of the babies strangling themselves in utero or the angels with rare undetected medical disorders, started to creep in.
I tried to put them out, but baby girl giving me the silent treatment wasn't helping. I also realize that some babies will slow down as they get into those last few weeks because they have run out of room or they are getting into position.

I get it, but wasn't reassured.

Logan and Hunter had dental appointments today in the same town my OB is located, so I decided to call and let them know and to see if they had any suggestions. Their phone was busy. FOR THE NEXT 4 HOURS! When the boys were finished with their appointments (they did amazing and I need to devote a post to their awesomeness!) and the phones at the OB's office were still busy, I decided to just swing by there to see if they wanted to do a fetal non-stress test. They have been doing them weekly and I had an appointment scheduled for Thurs, so if they had time and deemed it necessary, I figured I could just do the non-stress today. I figured correctly and were happy to get me in.

Heart beat. Ahhhh. What a relief. I felt a little foolish, but relieved. She gave us some trouble, didn't want to stay on the monitor and was in an awkward position, but she gave us what we needed, eventually. The OB decided to see me today instead of having me come back on Thursday and had me do a sonogram first. The sono went great! She was doing all her practice breathing as well as a few other little tricks. The tech also did some measurements and estimated baby at 8 1/2 lbs today. We'll see.

When baby was breech last week, the OB ordered a ECV to be done May 23rd and induction or c-section on May 31st. Since sister-girl flipped we didn't need the version, but I wasn't sure if the OB wanted to continue with May 31st as go-baby-go day. He still wants to with the 31st, so the plan is to go in the evening of the 30th, so he can get my cervix a little more favorable and start the pitocin on the morning of the 31st.

So the surprise OB appointment was all good, except, I had a 2 and 4 year old with me. I had promised them a trip to Chuck E Cheese as a reward for being so wonderful at the dentist, so I had that to bribe them with. Logan was being fantastic, but Hunter was getting tired and didn't like the necessary evil of being strapped into the stroller, so he wasn't being as controlled as I would have like, but hey, he's two.

I am having mixed feelings about the induction and anticipated interventions. I hope to elaborate on those feeling after a good night's sleep.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


I was correct!

She is head down!


(unless she somehow flips again)

I was starting to feel an
to the 

I don't know if I will be induced on the 31st

I will keep you all posted
will show off 

Sunday, May 16, 2010


I have a 
sneaky suspicion 
baby girl
might have flipped.


Since I didn't know 
she had 
back to
I am probably 
not in tune 
with what is 
going on 

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Flipping the...

bird baby! 

I got an amazing surprise Thursday during my 37 week OB appointment. My baby girl flipped herself back into the breech position. She has been breech the entire pregnancy (at least as far as I could tell), but had, to my relief, flipped facing down by my 36 weeks appointment. I was a little shocked and disappointed by this news. I have been working toward a v-back this pregnancy and have been traveling 70 miles each way to see a doctor and hospital that will allow a v-back. If you know anything about breech babies, or v-backs, you know that it would be virtually impossible to find a doctor, midwife, or a medical professional in the US that will allow a v-back with a butt down baby. 

The plan is to have another sonogram next Thursday and if the baby if breech I will go in for a EVC/version on May 24, 2010. If there is are any issues during the version they will deliver the baby then. If they are able to get her in the correction position, I will go in for an induction on May 31st. If they are unable to flip her, I will go in for a c-section on May 31st. Either way, I should have a baby on or around May 31st.

Best case scenario, she flips on her own, stays down, and, for the first time ever, I will go into labor on my own. That would be cool. Until then, I will panic and run around like a chicken with my head cut off and try to get prepared.