Thursday, January 21, 2010

Must be school picture time! Warning: Graphic Description

I know with each pregnancy I get a little "treat"

With Logan,
it was the itchy "pregnancy rash"
that cleared up 2 days before my appointment
with the dermatologist.
In the future they told totake a picture before it clears up.

With Hunter,
it was the massive vomiting each day from 4-7 pm
in the 1st trimester
and the horribly blotchy skin
in the 3rd trimester
and in the weeks after
having him ripped through my abdomen
giving bith.
Hunter was also lucky enough to get the face frenzy as well.

I am currently experiencing an ailment
unlike the previous two.
And not even acne.
A rash-like smattering of
bright red,
well ok,
It's like I'm in high school
pictures are on 
I don't even get the satisfaction
of sitting on the bathroom sink
popping these badboys
until the mirror is splattered 
zit juice.
these sorry excuses for "zits"
The nerve.

I am all for the pregnancy "glow"
my face has the glow
Not the look I was going for.

Is this what the girl hormones are doing to me?
I guess if this is my penance for having a girl,
I'll take it.

As if my fat ass wasn't enough.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

0 to baby.

Since I announced that we will be having our first girl, I have been told by some that they didn't even know I was pregnant.

Have I really been glossing over this pregnancy?

In short,
I kind of have.

This is pregnancy #3
while it has been pretty great so far,
it has been pretty regular.

I truely love being pregnant
pretty much treat it the same as
being pregnant.

I don't really restrict myself.
I try to eat well,
when you have nausea,
you eat what you can.

Something is different now.
Now that we are having a girl.
I almost feel guilty for being this excited.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Thinking PINK!

About 12 weeks ago I took this test.

It said I was pregnant with our

I was happy.

I had my boy name chosen.


I love that name.

I kicked my self.
I had given away all my infant clothing up to size 12 months
my maternity clothes.

I started buying a few things.

I love shopping.

Fast forward to Friday.
20 weeks.

Sonogram day.

We went as a family.

Logan and Hunter
fought over a bag of dried cherries.

Baby was not cooperating.


All scrunched up,
crossed up,
thumb sucking.

Femur length,
heart view,
tibia length,
another heart view.

Maneuver the wand.

Screaming when Logan decides he should hold the bag.

The wand shakes my uterus.

We get a clear shot.

(Sounds like a sniper sighting his mark, doesn't it?)

Logan replies that he would like a baby

because he already has a baby brother,
of course.

Logan got his wish.

But he says not yet.

"My sister is not ready yet."

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Getting to know me!

This Sunday I am participating in my first blog carnival hosted by Keely! So, go on, get to know me!

1. If you were stranded on a desert island and could pick one person to be stranded with you..Who would you pick? Family members not included.

This is a tough one! Maybe Oprah? I know if I was lost with the big "O", I would have the best chance of being rescued! Good ole Gayle would have the entire Navy and Coast Guard out looking for OOOOOOOOOprah! Imagine the book deal I would get about my life stranded with Oprah! LOOOOOve it!

2. Do you read celebrity gossip?

I do! I don't activly search it out (unless I catch a rumor on TV or something), but I do check MSN almost daily just for something to do.

3. Favorite show you're waching this season?

I love me some Real Housewives or anything Bravo! I recently changed my cable package and Bravo was axed, so I'm off the stuff. I haven't bothered to watch online...yet!

4. How tall are you?

I am just shy of 5'5

5. What was the last book you read?

I am almost finished with "Cleaving" by Julie Powell. I am not enjoying it. At all. She is the author of "Julie and Julia" and I have not read it or seen the movie. The content of "Cleaving" is just not what I expected. I may read "Julie and Julia" just to compare.

6. Flats or heels?

I generally wear heels when I'm not wearing my Uggs.

7. If you had to choose one natural disaser to go through, what would you choose..Earthquake, Tornado, or Hurricane?

I have been through a tropical storm and lost a roof. I can only imagine what a hurricane would have done. I have been through a jillon tornado warnings and live in tornado alley. Missouri is also on an active fault line that once made the Mississippi run backwards and rang church bells in Boston. I just hope we don't get a tornado and earthquake at the same time!

8. Thong, panties, or (gasp) granny panties?

Thong, thong, thong, tha, thong, thong, thong! I do occasionally wear "regular" underware. I do not wear granny panties though! I did once have to borrow a pair from my mother, because I forgot to pack underware. They were satin-like and made my pants fall down all day. I just gave up and went camondo untill I got to Old Navy to buy some blessed thongs!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Serious business.

His own personal Sprite.

Sweet nector of the gods.

I am not worthy.

"You are, son! Have another sip."

I AM worthy!

Friday, January 8, 2010

2010. I'm comin for ya.

Time to get to my 2010 resolutions!

  • Get rid of HALF of everything in this house (excluding anime, manga, and Agent Anime's toys). Seriously. It all needs to go.

  • Spend less money/Become less of a consumer.

  • PAY OFF DEBT! The fact that we are even in this position AGAIN floors me. HUGE goal!

  • Eat better.

  • Cook from scratch.

  • Stop eating out so much. It's really, realy ridiculous.

  • Get ORGANIZED! I mean for really, real. Really.

  • Work on me.

  • Work on my marriage.

  • Blog about it.

I need to become more accountable. I will use my blog to do so. No, really. I will. I mean, I want to.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Much. Much. Better.

Maybe resting your head on the toilet for those few precious moments isn't so bad after all, because
I am healed!
I almost has a set back when I read this post
at my friend Nancy's blog.
I re-read it today and those eye balls don't sound half bad!
The ironic twist in a story is fun too.
Tomorrow I resolve to post my resolutions,
as today I was playing catch up around this place I call
a sty
my lovely home.

Monday, January 4, 2010


statement: I am so sick.

question: How sick are you?


So sick that I actually considered resting my head on the rim of the toilet.

So sick that I lost my mind and had a few sips of orange juice.

So sick that it's become increasingly clear that there are WAAAAAY to many commercials for food on TV.

So sick that I actually pray that the stomach cramps mean that I can SIT on the toilet this round. My prayers have not been answered since round one.

My New Year Resolutions coming soon. I hope.