Saturday, January 16, 2010

Thinking PINK!

About 12 weeks ago I took this test.

It said I was pregnant with our

I was happy.

I had my boy name chosen.


I love that name.

I kicked my self.
I had given away all my infant clothing up to size 12 months
my maternity clothes.

I started buying a few things.

I love shopping.

Fast forward to Friday.
20 weeks.

Sonogram day.

We went as a family.

Logan and Hunter
fought over a bag of dried cherries.

Baby was not cooperating.


All scrunched up,
crossed up,
thumb sucking.

Femur length,
heart view,
tibia length,
another heart view.

Maneuver the wand.

Screaming when Logan decides he should hold the bag.

The wand shakes my uterus.

We get a clear shot.

(Sounds like a sniper sighting his mark, doesn't it?)

Logan replies that he would like a baby

because he already has a baby brother,
of course.

Logan got his wish.

But he says not yet.

"My sister is not ready yet."


FlipFlop Mom said...

That is too cute!!!! so a girl.. that's AWESOME!!!

j said...

just when you had it all planned out the dreaded magic wand changed it in a flash!

Nancy C said...

Keep cooking, baby girl Smith.

And, congrats again.

Muliebrity said...

It too can happen to you, Nancy!

Arizona Mamma said...

Congratulations! She'll break your heart every day, just to melt back together the very next!