Friday, January 8, 2010

2010. I'm comin for ya.

Time to get to my 2010 resolutions!

  • Get rid of HALF of everything in this house (excluding anime, manga, and Agent Anime's toys). Seriously. It all needs to go.

  • Spend less money/Become less of a consumer.

  • PAY OFF DEBT! The fact that we are even in this position AGAIN floors me. HUGE goal!

  • Eat better.

  • Cook from scratch.

  • Stop eating out so much. It's really, realy ridiculous.

  • Get ORGANIZED! I mean for really, real. Really.

  • Work on me.

  • Work on my marriage.

  • Blog about it.

I need to become more accountable. I will use my blog to do so. No, really. I will. I mean, I want to.


Arizona Mamma said...

Well that was a good start in using your blog for accountability! I am so with you on the getting rid of stuff. We just have so much stuff. It makes me nuts!

Nancy C said...

Please add...relax and take care of yourself. Not trying to undermine your excellent goals, but take care of you, too.

Mae Goodale said...

wow, sounds like a list of my own! best of luck!:) Mae

Miss Erin said...

These are some great goals! This year is the first I haven't written any down just because I've been so sick I was afraid I'd stumble on every single one. Maybe I'll write my resolutions after this baby is born in August!