Wednesday, January 20, 2010

0 to baby.

Since I announced that we will be having our first girl, I have been told by some that they didn't even know I was pregnant.

Have I really been glossing over this pregnancy?

In short,
I kind of have.

This is pregnancy #3
while it has been pretty great so far,
it has been pretty regular.

I truely love being pregnant
pretty much treat it the same as
being pregnant.

I don't really restrict myself.
I try to eat well,
when you have nausea,
you eat what you can.

Something is different now.
Now that we are having a girl.
I almost feel guilty for being this excited.


Arizona Mamma said...

You should be excited!

Nancy C said...

Okay, I'll say it.

***I'm a little jealous***

(But you already knew that)


Muliebrity said...

Come on Nancy! One more! I still can't believe it is not another boy! I do get a little misty eyed thinking about my imagined baby Duncan. I really liked having a 3rd boy! But a girl?!?!?! Again, so excited, I feel guilty.

Audra said...

Exciting! I currently do NOT love being pregnant. Being hit with waves of nausea willy nilly throughout the day is not my idea of a "good time."

Also, your name is so unique! What's the origin?