Monday, November 30, 2009

I mean. really. It's a bit much.

Because I am writing this blog, I can't ever link it to my Facebook page.
I should probably take a "page" (haha) from Nancy and just ignore it or try harder.
But I HAVE been trying.
I have been trying for a whole week.
I just don't have it in me any more.
What, pray tell, am I referring to, you so eagerly ask?
I girl from High School friend-requested me on FB.
The name sounded familiar.
I consulted with my sister.
"She was in choir with us, remember?"
Uhhhhhh, sure. I guess.
Nice girl.
Sweet girl.
I mean like, HUGE!
I know, I know, I know.
Jesus it King!
Jesus is Lord!
I mean, he already knew I was going to write this, before I wrote this and forgave me.
I mean, he forgave me for writing this before I even switched from MySpace to Facebook.
Or before I was born.
Or before my mother and father were born.
Or before my grandparents were born.
He even forgave me before EVOLUTION!
He is one swell dude.
Or dudes.
All three in one.
That blessed Trinity.
(also my personal pick for a girls name)
I get it.
People love their Jesus.
I think he was a pretty cool dude.
But everyfreakinstatusupdate...
It's a bit much.
I know what you're saying,
"She's over reacting"
"Who cares if this chick is hot for Yahweh?"
But you haven't had to see a gazillion status updates!
I would totally say the same thing, if this chick was hot for
her boyfriend
her dog
the stinkin' Twilight books
Should I have to suck it up just because she's givin' a
to the Liz-ord?
I'm taking the power back.
I'm gonna do it.
I'm going to show you lovelies a sample of her work.

(My FB friend) is in the world, but not of it! All the things of this world fade away, but God & His Kingdom stand forever! He is the Eternal & Uncreated One! "God, strengthen me to set my mind & heart on You only, for through You all things were made by You & for You! I want to see through Your eyes more & not my own! My life is in You & in You I have my being!" Jn. 1:3 & Acts 17:28
(My FB friend) is learning more & more that surrendering everything to God is not easy, but it's worth it! His plans are way better than mine even when I don't realize it or understand it! He knows what He is doing & I can rest in that! He is the Perfect Father & Lover!
Incest, anyone? That last line kind of makes me shutter, while throwing up in my mouth.
(My FB friend) was blessed by Kevin Pratt's sermon on what true justice is. I am excited about the way God is moving upon more hearts in the body of Christ to reach out & bless the poor, orphans, foreigners, & widows! ~James 1:27 Religion that God our Father accepts as pure & faultless is this: to look after orphans & widows in their... distress & keep oneself from being polluted by the world.
There is more.
So very much more.
I mean, really.

Blogging away!

So how many of you are blog, but your wonderful posts just don't make it to "paper"?

That's me! Creator of blog posts, that just stay up here (up here=my brain).

I plan to extract them from my brain and place them here soon.

Very soon. It's getting kind of crowded up here.