Sunday, October 26, 2008

Bowles Farm Pumpkin Patch

Since our house is on the market, we have been trying desperately to keep it clean and tidy. Today, being Sunday, seems like a prime day for house hunters, so we cleaned up this morning and headed out to the Pumpkin Patch at Bowles Farm. What a neat place! Logan went on a barrel ride (basically a plastic barrel with a seat cut into it, wheels added and pulled by a clown driving a John Deere Tractor), played in the corn box (like a sand box except filled with feed corn) and explored the giant corn maze. We had a good time! There was even Bluegrass for Momma!

The weather was perfect at almost 70 degrees and we took the back roads home, so I could try and get some old tobacco barn pictures. Not too great, but I'll post them anyway.

We have a pretty small group of friends here in Southern Maryland and I swear I saw half of them at the pumpkin patch! I saw Kim and Jordan, Becky and Peyton and later, Tammy and Ed with Autumn and Savanna. It was fun to randomly run into such good friends.

Hunter is getting closer and closer to crawling everyday! Here he is in action.

Bat Baby, Bat Boy and Bat Man

In the end, no one came to see the house this weekend, but we had some great family time.

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