Sunday, November 9, 2008

Busy, busy

We have had a busy week! Tuesday "we" elected a new president on Tuesday. Rock-O-Mamma, as Logan calls him, was the winner. I know Logan was excited! Logan is very aware of Obama, as we have viewed MANY commercials over the past few months.

Wednesday morning we headed to Virginia Beach to visit Darlene and her kiddos. We had such a great time! Darlene is a generous hostess and took care of us. Logan and Noelle were like two peas in a pod and only had a few scuffles over toys. Darlene has informed me that in the time we were there, Noelle went from no interest in the potty, to full fledged (almost) potty trained! Go Noelle! Logan has been working on it for 8 months! Go figure!

Hunter started crawling! He started November 1st, and has been all over since. Today he pulled himself into the standing position! I am not ready for that! Logan didn't officially crawl until he was 10 months old! Hunter is so full of surprises! I just love these guys!

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