Tuesday, January 4, 2011

We Had a Pretty Good Day (except for the Taco Bell and Gymboree)

Logan had a dentist appointment today for his semi-annual checkup and cleaning. We have really gotten it together on his dental care. We thought we did good before, but at the very first appointment, we learned how much we sucked. Did you know you are supposed to hold your kid down and brush their teeth until they are like 9? Me either. If you don't do that, the kiddie dentist and his perky assistant will make you feel like the worst parents in the world. They will tell you that your child will get cavities, and since they have crowded teeth, require surgery to have them repaired/removed.

After a few stressful days, Logan and Hunter finally resigned themselves to the parental power brush and it has become quite easy. Well, as easy as brushing the teeth of a giant preschooler with what could possibly the boniest elbows EVER. I digress.

So anyway, the boy had some good looking teeth and the dentist said I did a good job! He even gave me a sticker. Actually he didn't, but wouldn't that be funny?

The only part that bummed me out was when he gave him a fluoride treatment after I specifically told everyone (but the dentist) that we are not doing fluoride because I consider it unsafe. I even had to pay $30 for the fluoride I did not want. Damn, the man.

As a reward for good behavior, I took the boys to the mall to ride a beautiful carousel. We had packed a lunch and ate it at the food court. I brought a salad (I LOVE salad), but I felt like I needed some protein, so I got me a potato soft taco from Taco Bell (What? Potato is not protein? Details, details).

Logan was begging for a smoothie from Panera, so I figured why not. I made the mistake of browsing Gymboree and they were having a "sale" (goodbye $40) and we passed about 9 places that also sell smoothies just to find that Panera's smoothies are $4 a piece. Damn!

After Logan thew a fit because he didn't want to share a smoothie with Hunter (I had it split into two cups) and I pondered why I ever try to do anything nice for my children, we loaded up the van and drive the hour home. Then I fixed a lovely dinner in which my children proclaimed "disgusting", followed by sitting my fat ass on the couch while my hubby reads the guys a story.

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Rebecca said...

I'm from the fluoride is good school but x-rays are bad. I grew up without fluoride and had about 3 really bad cavities growing up. Sooooohhh, I figured a little fluoride is better than mercury laden fillings........But that's just me. And St Louis Bread Co...I love everything they have. Their Broccoli Cheddar Soup......just hook me up to a constant IV drip!