Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Super Baby

Hunter is turning into Super Baby! He has begun to stand unsupported and is trying to do sign language. Monday night at dinner I was apparently feeding him something unappetizing, so he started giving me the all done sign, by raising one hand over his head and waving his hand (the other hand was in his mouth). I said, "Are you trying to tell me you are all done? 'Cuz you're not, Mister!" To be sure I got the message, he took the other hand out of his mouth and raised BOTH hands over his head and gave them a good shake! What a stinker! In order to get him to finish the jar, I busted out the bananas. Bananas ALWAYS motivate him to finish any unfavorable flavor of mush. I reminded him of the sign for more (as in more gross mush, please) and he was on such a roll he started do that one too. When I gave him a spoonful of bananas he wanted more, but when I snuck in a spoonful of the other crap he was all done. I never suspected arguing from a 7 month old.

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