Thursday, February 12, 2009

Really back. No, really.

Soooo. Where to begin? Matt has started his new job and is currently living in a crappy apartment in Sedalia, MO, while the boys and I are still at our house in Southern Maryland. The house is on the market, but despite several price reductions, it's not selling. The house is a great little house, but it's on a main road, on a golf course, and near an eyesore we affectingly call "the crack house." So much for location, location, location! Houses are selling. People are buying. People are not even looking at our house. Despite the negatives, there are definitely positives. It is directly across from an awesome park, with an amazing playground and pool/water park, it has a full basement (not many houses at this price have basements), 4 year old bathrooms, carpet, stainless appliances, and neutral paint, 2 year old roof and 1 year old siding. It'll happen, but we are ready to go!

Logan's potty training stalled after a nasty bout of the stomach flu at Christmas, but he is showing signs that he is ready to move forward. Almost. As you may recall, I was waiting to potty train after we moved, but I thought we would be moving LAST July, August, September, November, or January. He recently made a HUGE step though. He no longer needs to use a potty seat! He finally figured out that he will not fall in! He is such a wienie.

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