Thursday, September 2, 2010

Run away pillow pet

The other day, my husband asked me, "How old is Hunter again?" 

"He just turned 2 in April."

"So he's really just 2?"

"I know, hubby. Can you believe it?"

He wasn't asking because he didn't know, he, as am I, was amazed at how advanced he is. 

Advanced is not always a good thing, when you have the reasoning of a 2 year old. 


My husband was out of town overnight. No biggie, sometimes it's nice to have a little break and the day and evening went pretty well. As I was going to bed, I did something I don't normally do, I set the house alarm. We do set the alarm when we leave the house, but because disabling alarm is loud (compared to the quiet of the morning), we don't really set it on weekday nights, because my husband often leaves before the boys are up.

I set the alarm, and because I haven't set it from the inside recently, I had to fiddle with it for a few minutes and almost gave up on it. Once I got it set up, I moved along to bed. 

I was startled from my slumber by what can only be descried as beyond the most annoying sound on the planet. The alarm was going off at 3:20 am. It is a cross between and bat sonar, mosquito sonar, and a crickets. And a rock concert. Two noises that should never be heard by human ears at a volume that should only be heard in a stadium. So loud and annoying

But, not the noise you want to hear when you are home alone with three children under four. 

I leaped out of bed and raced to the alarm box and on the way, I passed a small crying boy. 


I as I keyed in the blessed combo, the sound stop. Then it started up again. Then I keyed in the combo again.


Except for the sounds of a terrified little boy.

Had he been woken by the sound? 

Is there an intruder somewhere in the house?

"Hunter, what are you doing? Did you open the door?"


"Why, bud?"

"Because, because, because, I need to get my pillow pet."

"Where is your pillow pet?"

"It's in da stweet."

Oh, sweet Jesus.

"In the street?"


It was on his bed.

I changed his diaper and he was right back to sleep.

I was not so lucky.


Rebecca said...

Oh dear Lord, thank GOD you set the alarm. Maybe you can screw in a small battery operated alarm on the doors that you can just flip a switch on the alarm itself to turn on and off so it won't be so loud but still alert you if the pillow pet tries to run away again.

Laura said...

How scary!!!! Good thing you set the alarm!!!!!!

Nancy C said...

Yikes! I think you need an alarm for the pillow pet. Or perhaps a tracking device.

Julie W said...

Ha! We have an alarm system, too, only it "dings" every time an outside door is opened. Good thing you found his pillow inside!

S.I.F. said...

Oh my gosh! That is just such insane luck that you had set the alarm! Was he sleep walking?!? Just dazed? Poor little guy! :(


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