Friday, September 17, 2010

Coming to my senses

After nine months, I did it.

No, I already had my baby.

I turned off the satellite tv. 

It was difficult. 

I called to cancel and they offered me a sweet deal. 

Really sweet. 

The deal I had been begging them to give me for months.

I took it.

I watched Bravo.

The boys watching  McJr.

Hubby watched SciFi.

Then I reviewed my Discover Card bill.

Do you know how much I have paid out in interest on that one card this year?


Do you know how much I put in my retirement account?


Do you know how much the balance is on that card?


It is asinine to have paid television. 


I called the next day and finally pulled the plug.

It didn't hurt a bit.

Up next:

Land line, alarm monitoring, and 

the big one


my cell phone bill is too expensive  

You're next.


Nancy C said...

Been there, sister. It's so hard, but so worth it.

Rebecca said...

We called and had our basic cable pulled about 10 years ago. We only have a basic plan on the cell phone and AND it's just an 'add on' for the friends and family plan that is only $10 a month...AND my parents pay for it. They want to have a direct lifeline to me at all times.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

We are lucky. Everything we want to watch is available of free T.V. I think you did the great thing by getting rid of a cable. I hope it isn't hard.

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S.I.F. said...

Way to go lady! I'm proud of you! And it won't sting nearly as much as you may have thought it would... promise!

Julie W said...

Good for you for trimming the fat from your bill!! We were lucky to get a good deal on our Internet-television-phone, but at our old place, it was just ridiculous.

trooppetrie said...

so will you still have internet, I have been tempted to get rid of my landline for a while. it kills me when I think about how much we pay between our cell and landline

Unplanned Cooking said...

Congratulations! That is hard to do. I can't believe how much we spend in utilities and the like around here. We really need to cut somewhere...

katlupe said...

Good for you. I pulled the plug on many things 11 years ago and have never looked back.

Anonymous said...

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UnicycleRose said...

Reading how much you paid in interest on your credit card HURT! Ouch! At least you are making wise decisions that are verry hard! Good for you.

Doreen Lombardo said...

I only have basic cable. I don't need anything more because I really don't watch tv at all. When I was married, my ex wanted cable with HBO and all the nonsense. When I bought my condo, I went with just basic. As for my other bills, there's really not much I can cut. I have minimal bills but all are necessary. Car payment, auto and health insurance, cell bill, cable bill (need cable for business phone & computer and I get the basic tv stations with it. That's it. I have no credit card bills at all, zero balance on all of them. When I use them, I pay them immediately in full.

I do bring my lunch to work these days now that I've been covering in office since June. I also bring my coffee in my thermos I picked up at a Dollar Store, so I guess that saves some. I used to eat lunch out at least 3 times a week when I was an Underwriter. I'd go to restaurants with coworkers or we'd order in.