Monday, December 28, 2009

TV or not TV. That is the question.

Have I mentioned that I like TV a little more than I should?
Well I do.
I TiVo things.
Soap Operas.
Game shows.
Planet of the Apes marathons.
I got my darling 3 year old on the stuff too.
McJunior is his favorite show.
Nevermind that it is a channel called Nick Junior.
TV sucks me in.
It is such a good friend to me, but it seems to take more than it gives.

It was taking up to $100 a month.

It tells me:
my house isn't pretty enough,
that I don't eat right, but then entices me promises of hot pizza,
I need a beauty product,
that I can't miss this sale,
I need a new couch,
that Oprah knows all the answers.

It also entertains me.

I'm seriously thinking about taking a break from my 52 in bestie.
I have already started by down-grading my satellite service.
We now have the "family" programming.
Thank gawd I still get BYU TV.
The problem is that we are 6 months into a 3 year contract, so we still pay even if we cancel.
I may "hold" the service for a month or 2.
I don't know.
TV or not TV?


Nancy Campbell said...

Excessive blogging kills the time you can watch TV. But, if you're paying for it, you might as well learn more about authentic gift giving with Oprah and Alicia Keys.

Arizona Mamma said...

I have gone over this in my own head as well. To heck with it, tv stays. I don't like my kids watching it a lot (and they do anyway), but I do like to watch a few things. I think it would be missed.

Anonymous said...

I have been both with and without TV and I'm always happier without, but when I have it, I can't imagine not having it. Make sense? No. Good. I am currently with TV - though I did ditch my premium cable channels. I watch it too much and hate myself for it, its like my crack. No advice but to say, you probably won't regret ditching the TV, but I know how hard it is to turn the thing off.

Muliebrity said...

It is like crack! 52 beautiful inches of crack. My husband just wired the basement with his projector and surround sound too. I am thinking of just ditching the cable. We have so many dvd's, plus netflicks that it seems like a waste of time and money to have pay tv.

j said...

i lived without tv for four months and found myself, more relaxed, more happy with my appearance and happily reading books or renting movies i really wanted to watch. ohh but then it crept back in. one show at a time, then someone gave me a tivo and the looniness began again. no tv is better but tv is also junk food for the mind after a long day.