Thursday, December 3, 2009

Authentic Christmas

I get all my advise from Oprah.
Don't you?
She recently had Alicia Keys as a guest and asked her if her family exchanged gifts at Christmas.
Alicia replied, "Only if it feels authentic."
Oprah was just delighted that Alicia was so enlightened.

My thought?
Wait just one hot little minute.
In your family, you only get someone a gift if it feels AUTHENTIC?
So in your enlightened universe
you visit with friends and family?
You have a beautiful dinner.
You sing in front of the fire.
Have a little egg nog.
And then you exchange gifts.
One for you.
And one for you.
I didn't get you anything thing
because I couldn't find anything that felt
There was nothing online,
in stores,
or on this
that made ME 
feel good enough to give
But thank you for this beautiful picture frame,
So thoughtful of you!

Would you ever have the nerve to abandon 
gift giving
 because it didn't feel

Neither would I.

This concept is more

1 comment:

Nancy Campbell said...

My SIL has yet to find a birthday gift for Owen because she's wants to find the perfect one. Like Logan, his birthday is in February. We're almost approaching the year anniversary.

I'm thinking this is more passive aggressive than authentic.