Wednesday, May 27, 2009

No, not the ear!

So after after almost a week on drops, Hunter's ear infection in his left ear is back. I guess that explains the four hour nap on Monday! So he is back on another, higher dose, of antibiotics. I really want to get him to an ENT, but the new doctor is not convinced that is necessary yet. She wants to finish this antibiotic course and go from there. I imagine that it take weeks/months to get into an ENT, so I may just schedule an appointment, just in case. I can always cancel it, right?

Hunter is such an amazing little guy, I can only imagine he would be reading Chaucer and doing back flips if he didn't have to endure these ailments. The good news is that he has gained a half a pound is the last two weeks and is now tipping the scales at a whopping 19 pounds! At almost 14 months, his weight leaves somthing to be desired. We are down to one morning feeding a day from Mommy and he has finally taken fully to the soy milk. I thought that once breastfeeding had subsided, I would never get to snuggle with him, but he has gotten so sweet and gives the best hugs and kissed!

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FlipFlop Mom said...

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YES.. I would make an appt with an ENT.. had to do it with my daughter.. just make sure your insurance doesn't need a referral to do so!!!!
I hope he's feeling better soon!!!
Mommy hugs!