Sunday, May 31, 2009

I think we all have this idea that our lives will be better, dare say, almost perfect when we achieve a certain goal. This family's goal was to get moved and settled into a new house, in a new town. Well, things are not yet perfect. They are better. It's just that the "little" things are starting to get to me. The crappy, uneven dirt yard with the sink holes. The lack of furniture in the living room. The random crap in the bedrooms. I just want to pull the covers up over my head. I am just. So. Sick. Of. It. All. Yes, yes, yes. I am.

I have some ideas for the new furniture, but don't feel like spending the money. I'm sick of spending money. I guess Suze Orman, with all her, "Who are you try to impress with all that new furniture?" talk has gotten me a bit reluctant to do just that. I don't want to send my family into finincial ruin for the love of a beautiful leather sofa set, ya know?

I sure wish we were getting that Obama $8,000 tax credit. Hear that Obama? Bring it!

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OIJOY PHOTO - the blog said...

I felt the same way when we moved into our house 8 months ago. When you make a big transition it's always going to feel overwhelming for a little while. I had to force myself to accomplish one thing a day or else I wouldn't do anything because it felt like there was too much. Hang in there and post pics of your new place once you get settled.