Monday, May 25, 2009


We are in our new, and I do mean new, house in Sedalia, MO. While it is a change from SOMD, it has it's good points:

1. We have space to breathe! This house is 1700 sq. feet has has another 1500+ finished sq. feet in the basement. Sweet, Jesus, that sure beats > 1100 finished and 500 "ghetto" finished.

2. We got extras! Granite! Real tile! Extra lot! Garage! Driveway! Huge tub, with get this, JETS!Can I get another, Sweet, Jesus? We also got the fatty basment bar, bedroom and bathroom. Let's not forget the to give props to the Toy room! Whoot!

3. We get Daddy back! No more permanent night shift! Eating meals together, quality time, and the coveted, help at bed time. Sweet, sweet, sweet! Guess who can now enjoy a glass of wine in the evening? Booyah!

We do miss, miss, miss our friends, but we do hope to meet our new bosom soon. Hopefully they will not have mulletts, have most if their teeth, and only watch NASCAR when there is absolutely nothing else on TV. *Sigh*

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