Sunday, June 7, 2009

Weekend Recap

Logan hates Tiny Tee's (3-4 year old T-Ball training). Hates, hates, hates it. I started a post describing the insanity that is Tiny Tee's, but it will have to wait.

Hunter is cutting all his 1 year molars, is still have ear issues, and yacked ALL over me on Saturday. The kind that soaked through my bra and underwear.

The Scott Joplin Festival is little more than various piano players playing "The Entertainer" over and over again. Apparently, that and 52 old people equal a festival. The fact that EVERY business in town with a digital or changeable letter sign said, "Welcome Scott Joplin Festival Visitors!" I was expecting a slightly more festive atmosphere. I, of course, will be attending all future Scott Joplin Festivals.

Drama right now. Will add more later...

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Kimberly said...

I love your ending "Drama right now, will add more later."

Hope your week goes well!