Tuesday, August 24, 2010

48 Hours

After my breastfeeding experience a few weeks ago, I was glad to have several weeks before I had to face that doctors office again. That would give me plenty of time to decide how I was going to address the way I was treated and to gain some perspective.


They called the following day to see if I would like to move my scheduled injections from the 23rd to the 11th.

Ugg. I was not looking forward to these injections. After the trauma of my c-section, I wasn't any the mood to inflict farther pain on myself anytime soon, and while I desperate want relief from my back and neck pain, I didn't want it to hurt. Because I am breastfeeding, that limits what they can use for pain relief during the procedure. I was going to have to suck it up. I had some injections in my second trimester, and they really weren't too bad, considering my doctor hadn't done injections without the aid of an x-ray in years.

I can do this. I need to do this. Why put off any longer what could possible provide relief from this constant pain and daily headaches? Ok, let's get this over with.

A nurse from his surgery center calls with instructions, which include, no eating or drinking since I will be going under anesthesia. Well, I will not be going under because I am breastfeeding and the doctor is aware of this, because was able to treat me previously without a problem.

All righty then.


On the drive there hubby attempts have me listen to the new Deftones. It was pretty heavy. I didn't find it incredibly progressive. It was grating my nerves. I kept turning it down. Hubby got all butt-hurt because her couldn't hear it.

15 year old boy much?

"Look, babe. I am really nervous. I am about to have my spine poked. With out drugs. It hurt when I had it done last November, but I was being a hard-ass. I know what is coming now, and the epidural I had for my c-section hurt like a mo-fo. I am just not looking forward to this."

"I'm sorry. I know. I shouldn't have tried to listen to it right now away. I feel like I am going deaf and it's never loud enough. I'll listen to it later."

I love this guy sometimes.


I arrive after my hour and 15 minute drive with my crew in tow. Hubby is there to act as my driver and because it is a hot day, hubby, Logan, Hunter, and the baby all set up camp in the waiting room.

Sorry, people in the waiting room and surgery staff.

They call me back almost right away, and I have to bring the baby back with me since she is hungry and needs to eat. We have a divided curtained area where each patient has their vitals checked, a quick consult with the doc, and prepares for surgery by having their IV put in, etc.

The entire time I have having my temp taken, history given, blood pressure checked, I am nursing the baby. I again reiterate that I am breastfeeding, so I will not be under for the procedure. I wish I would be, but I can't.

I had the baby back to my hubby, and wait for the doc. I am here to have injections in my neck for the first time ever. I need them in my lower back and hip too, but my daily head aches and the pain in my left arm are making me crazy.

The doc comes back and we talk about my neck. The conversation lead to my back and left hip and leg. Since I had some success with the last injections there, he wants to skip the neck this time and fix that hip and leg.

I guess...


...here's where I get relieved and kind of excited...

he is able to use an opiate based drug during the procedure, that will make me comfortable and not effect breastfeeding. I was given enough opiate based  drugs after my c-section to kill a horse and was able to safely taken the during all my pregnancies and while breastfeeding. I had not even considered that they could use some today. I know they are safe.

"Please give me the minimum amount. I know they are safe, but I need to resume breastfeeding as soon as possible."

"No, problem. We'll make you comfortable. It will be fine."


I lay face down of the table.

There is a flurry of activity.

I am still nervous.

I am anticipating the warm sensation in my arm as they push the drug.

"How you feeling?"


"Give her two more."

Good night moon...


I am sitting in a wheel chair.

"Would you like something to drink?"

"Apple juice."

"We have let your husband know you are finished and he is getting the kids into the car.

Here are your post-op instructions.

No baths for 24 hours.

And no breastfeeding for 48 hours."


Only, because I was high as a kite, I said,

"Ok, thanks. Only 48 hours?"

They slipped me a mickey.



Here I am, an hour plus away from home.

I seriously own not one bottle.

Not one.

No formula.

No breast pump.

I am not prepared for this scenario. At all.

As if it wasn't awesome already, wanna know how long I was "out" for?

Less than 5 minutes.

5 mins for 48 hours.

And, it's World Breastfeeding Month.


Rebecca said...

You have every right to be livid about clarifying that you were breastfeeding, hell you even gave them a visual with her pre-operative feeding!! They should have told you beforehand about no BF for 48 hours and then you could have talked about it!!

Muliebrity said...

I thought we HAD discussed it! That's what blows my mind. I assume the communication issue was between the doctor and the nurses. I know the doctor pushed for the meds, because it makes it job easier when the patient is knocked out or in a "twilight" state. I just can;t believe they waited until I was all drugged up before they dropped that bomb on me.

Nancy C said...

Oh, honey. That is so not cool. People don't seem to realize that it takes babies time to figure out bottles. And for mothers to pump.

Bastards. I would be livid too.

roadrunner201 said...

Every time I think about it, I just get so burned up. I know you're non confrontational, but what have you decided to do? Will you complain to the office?

Andrea said...

I'd be calling over there and throwing one MAJOR hissy fit...

Mike and Katie said...

Are you feeling better? Did you get some relief after the procedure? I hope so. I'm sorry to hear you are/were in so much pain.

That would have been so distressing to me, too. Do you think there was some confusion with the follow-up instructions? You know, the standard instructions include no nursing for 48 hours just like every bottle of medication you find tells you not to take it if you're pregnant or breastfeeding.