Thursday, October 14, 2010

A lesson I will soon forget, again.

A lesson I will won't soon forget, again.

We all know I am an idiot, right?

Just when I think I have turned over a new leaf, something ridiculous happens. Something that is clearly my own fault and something I deserve (though a little mercy would be nice).

Just so you can get the clearest picture of my jackassary, let me go back a month. This hurts. Give me a minute here.


Here we go.

One afternoon last month it suddenly occurred to me that I haven't paid my car insurance in a while. Maybe. So I start digging and I find a notice that says, "If not paid, your insurance will be cancelled 8/31/2010." It was September 10th. Oops. REALLY.BIG.OOPS. Dang. (This maybe the 3rd time this has happened this year. Or not. Orrrrr...) I reluctantly pick up the phone and call them. The policy was cancelled. Shit. They started the process of creating a new policy and after 20 agonizing minutes, they had my new policy ready to go. I just needed to cough up the 300 bucks needed to get it going.

Houston, we have a problem.

Can I stop here? You get the picture, right?

What? This is for my own good? Suze Orman would be proud of my honesty?

Ok, ok.

Hubby gets paid every two weeks, and we still had another week to go, and the insurance company doesn't take Discover (not that I had much room on it anyway).

Hold that thought. I just checked my bank account is overdrawn and I need to go rob Peter to pay Paul.

(Unfortunately) To be continuted...


The Meditative Mom said...

I hear ya! I forgot to renew my drivers license and was driving around for months before I realized.

(Popping in from Blog Frog. Glad I found your site!)

Kelly said...